T-REX Downtown Disney
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Manufactured and installed Shark Exhibit, Volcano Exhibit, Caribbean Exhibit and the Fossil Exhibit for “A Prehistoric Family Adventure” dinosaur themed restaurant.
Inspiring Body of Christ
Dallas, TX
⁃ Design, build & installation of multi tunnel walk thru aquarium and 2 cylindrical tanks
⁃ Life Support System
Staten Island Ferry Terminal
Staten Island, New York
Design, fabrication and installation of multiple custom concave saltwater exhibits
San Antonio Zoo
San Antonio, TX
⁃ “Africa Live” – Hippo, crocodile & African fish exhibits
⁃ Supplied & installed multiple glass panels & performed vast waterproofing
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, CA
⁃ Installation of acrylic windows in worlds deepest shark tank
⁃ Installation of California Coast Exhibits
⁃ Sealing system of Amazon Tunnel and 18” thick two story viewing panel
Wynn Hotel & Casino & Encore Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
Design, fabrication and installation of custom live seafood facilities for both hotels to accommodate 15 restaurants
Palms Casino Resort – Fantasy Tower Suites & VIP Pool
Las Vegas, NV
⁃ Installation of cantilevered acrylic spas
⁃ Installation of custom floor viewing windows
⁃ Jellyfish Exhibit
08 Bass Pro Shops
(Multiple Locations)
Harrisburg, PA, Branson, MO, Ft. Myer, FL,
Las Vegas, NV Broken Arrow, OK, Clarksville, IN
Installation of multiple viewing panels, re-sealing of multiple underwater viewing panels, waterproofing, underwater injection, leak repair & epoxy injection
Bama Bayou
Orange Beach, AL
Installation of viewing panel and waterproofing of artificial coral reef theme park tank
Seattle Aquarium
Seattle, WA
⁃ Life of a Drifter Exhibit
⁃ Ring of Life doughnut jellyfish aquarium-Giant Pacific Octopus Exhibit
⁃ The Wet Table Exhibit
Malcolm Residence
(Private Residence)
Gleneagles, Scotland
Design, fabrication and installation of custom 4-story cylindrical aquarium.
Preservation Station
Barefoot Landing Store
North Myrtle Beach, SC
⁃ Tiger and Elephant Exhibits
⁃ Design, fabrication and installation of underwater viewing panels
(Multiple Locations)
Glendale, AZ Boise, ID La Vista, NE Richfield, WI
Hazelwood, MO Lehi, UT Rodgers, MN
Sidney, Nebraska 69160
Installation of all aquarium exhibits; including multiple viewing panels, waterproofing, fiberglass aquariums, structural fiberglass mezzanines & structural frp catwalks.
Gulf World Marine Park
Panama City, FL
Fabrication and installation of multiple viewing panels for 1,000,000-gallon dolphin stadium
Fort Worth Zoo
Fort Worth, TX
Completed installation for the following Exhibits: Gharial Riverine, Crock Monitor, Python, Iguana, Fly River, Cobra, Flooded Forrest, Asian Turtle, Sail Fin, Snakes, Beaded Lizard, Komodo, Desert A, Komodo Kingdom, Rock Iguana Indoors.
Joule Hotel
Dallas, TX
Installation of cantilevered acrylic spa enclosure on 10th floor.
Dream Hotel
New York City, NY
Design, fabrication and installation of retro fit 3-story cylindrical aquarium in hotel lobby and basement.
Quest Lobby Tank
Orange County, CA
Design, fabrication and installation of lobby aquarium for major software company.
Minnesota Zoo
Apple Valley, MN
⁃ Russian Grizzly Bear Exhibit, Sea Otter Exhibit and Boar and Leopard Exhibits
⁃ Installation of multiple glass and acrylic viewing panels
⁃ Restoration of beaver, otter & African cichlid tanks
⁃ Vast epoxy waterproofing
Bronx Zoo
Bronx, NY
⁃ Madagascar Exhibit
⁃ Installation of acrylic concave viewing window that was bonded onsite
Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
Litchfield Park, AZ
⁃ Penguin Exhibit, Crocodile Exhibit & Coral Reef Exhibit
⁃ Installation & waterproofing of multiple viewing panels and an acrylic tunnel
⁃ Epoxy & flexible waterproofing
Explora Park - Science and Technology Park
Medellin, Colombia
⁃ Installation of multiple viewing windows, a tunnel & multiple tanks.
⁃ Installation of multiple 2-story viewing panels
Tennessee Aquarium
Chattanooga, TN 37401
⁃ Penguins’ Rock Exhibit
⁃ Installation of multiple viewing panels
⁃ Penguins’ Rock Exhibit
⁃ Installation of multiple viewing panels
Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden
Evansville, IN
⁃ Cayman & Jaguar Exhibits
⁃ Installation of multiple viewing glass panels.
Coyote Point Museum
San Mateo, CA
⁃ Otter Exhibit renovation
⁃ Waterproofing & installation of glass viewing panel
Houston Zoo
Houston, TX
⁃ Piranha Exhibit
⁃ Installation of multiple acrylic viewing panels
Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
Pittsburgh, PA
⁃ Koi Pond Exhibit
⁃ Installation of radius panel and waterproofing.
Silverton Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
⁃ Supply & installation of multiple viewing panels and waterproofing
⁃ Installation of 2-story convex window
Six Flags Marine World
Dr Vallejo, CA
⁃ Penguin Exhibit
⁃ Supply and installation of radius viewing panel
⁃ Supply and installation of underwater viewing panel for interactive dolphin program “Ocean Discovery”
Huntington Library
San Marino, CA
Supply and installation of underwater viewing panel and waterproofing.
Oklahoma City Zoo
Oklahoma City, OK
Installation of multiple viewing panels and waterproofing
Two Oceans Aquarium
Capetown, South Africa
Installation of multiple viewing panels and waterproofing
Shaquille O’neil’s Home
Royal Blues Hotel
Deerfield Beach, Florida
Installation of a 1500 gallon tank into the restaurant ceiling